February 24th to March 3rd, 2018 at Earthsong Hawaii Eco-Sanctuary 



This is the kind of restorative adventure where we step out of everything we know to be true and slow all the way down, tuning into the medicine that is already embedded deep inside our hummingbird hearts. 

Accompanied by a Full Moon and the sweet serenade of Whales in migration, we gather to remember to remember—if you will—supported by nurturing forces of nature that will always bigger than we could dream to  be. 

Our days, afternoons and evenings will be a tender blend of movement medicine (vinyasa flow, yin and reiki restorative, accessible to all bodies and all levels of practice), ritual (offerings to Pele, fire and water ceremonies, silent meanderings, creative exercises, sunshine for breakfast and moon meditations for dessert), plus a dash local adventuring around the Big Island and plenty of downtime.

If your body, mind, heart and spirit are craving some time and space to unplug to plug-in, then this might be just the thing to reinvigorate the living matrix of imagination.

We'll be calling Earthsong Hawaii Eco-Sanctuary (a rustic, magical off-grid eco-sanctuary located on the Big Island of Hawaii) our home for the week. 

The retreat centre is solar-powered (yay for electricity!) so we're able to keep all phones and computers juiced up, but please note that hair dryers can be left at home (think of using the salt-water breeze as a replacement).

There are two flush toilets, one composting toilet and two outdoor bamboo showers—all facilities are accessible by going outside.

Pricing varies according to accommodation and includes three vegan+vegetarian meals a day, return airport transportation and all local adventuring. 

The total cost is $1000 USD, per person.

Please note that pricing does not include: your return flight to Kona, Hawaii; meals, snacks, body work or any other purchases you wish to make during our local adventures around the Island.

We'd love a deposit of 50% once you've decided this is a good fit for you with the balance due by February 20th, 2018; payment can be made via a good old-fashioned cheque or PayPal (add 3% for PP transactions).

If you have any questions, would like more information or your heart is just busting at the seams ready to register, please email Bryonie at and you'll receive the finer details. 

Lastly, please note: Pele is powerful in the many ways she loves. She can challenge, she can hold—and she has the ability to amplify every part of our human experience—and like mostly everything, Pele gives us the medicine we need, even if it isn't what we're hoping for, so come heart-prepared, okay?