My love for you transcends space, time and circumstance.

There is no beginning; there is no end.

I am the Moon, the Stars, the Sun above.

I am Earth my Body, Water my Blood, Fire my Heart, Air my Spirit.

I am trillions of uncountable tears running together through streams creating vast oceans.

I am laughter echoing through great canyons.

It is I who burns it all down to make space for everything to come, filling the sky, your lungs, your eyes with smoke.



I am clouds of doubt and swirls of knowing.

I am infinite, just like the stardust you are crafted from.

My depth stretches out into all directions and dimensions; the ancient cosmos grandmother my celestial growth.

I am sand running thoughts through the curves of an hour glass.

I am ghosts of everything you lived before this; I am spirit guide, soaring through the wilderness of sky.

This is now.

Come home to breath.

Feel earth.

Feel heart.

Feel breeze.

Feel every single feel you feel.

My love for you, it has no beginning and no end.

(written August 18th, 2018)


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