January 1st, 2018

Sharp air. 
Unapologetic sunshine.

Clearing, cleansing, cleaning, saging, praying.

Short walks, long baths. 
Quiet city.

Creating maps and lists of adventures and magic.

Daydreaming of hot sandy toes and cool ocean water.

Making self-portraits. 
Listening in.

Seven hundred and thirty-one days sober.

Snuggling up. 
Turkish coffee, mint and sage tea. Circling closer, drawing open. Abandoning sentences. 
Tasting memory. 
Downloading new language.

Clarifying heart.

Pondering self-love, true love and the nature of our love.

Recalibrating intention. 
Singing gratitude and forgiveness. Leaning into fortune.

Feeling it all like I knew I would.

First day, New Year: welcome and I’m so happy to meet you.



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