Well, hey there bright and chilly first day of September and what a beauty you already are.

This morning is golden sunlight, sweatshirts, Turkish coffee, geese in migration and a breath that feels something like hope.

May we make time to take time, in solitude and in sacred gatherings, to honor our commitment to loving bigger.

May we continue to find ways to slow down and open up to who we are always becoming.

May we know when to hold on just a little longer and when to let go just a little sooner, with as much grace and tenderness as we can muster.

May we attune to mama nature and her teachings as often as we can and continue to relearn how to get along.

May we know we are supported in days and moments of fierce doubt.

May this month soften our sharp edges, reveal the strengths we didn't know we had and may we remember to remember, even when we are tempted to forget.

As it is in heaven may it be so here on earth.


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