Bryonie Wise

An artist, heart alchemist & moon lover, my life is rooted in the belief that when we come from a place of love, anything is possible.

My own practice of living has taught me how essential movement, breath & creative expression are for our ability to heal our tender hearts; I speak fluent lion & my teachings are poetically-infused with all sorts of medicine sprinkled down from the moon & stars above. 

I have a background in photography (I graduated a reallllyyy looong time ago from Ryerson University in Toronto) & fine art book publishing (New York was home for a spell while working as Production Manager at the Aperture Foundation); hours upon hours of heart-work (my teachers include & are in no way limited to: Fides KruckerElena Brower, Seane Corne, Suzanne Sterling, Hala Khouri, Pat Harada-Linfoot, Scott DavisMichael Stone)—&, a ferocious appetite for words (I not-quite-so-recently retired from my role as Managing Editor at elephant journal).

When not teaching yoga or creating my heart to the bone, you can find me adventuring in the wild with my camera & my dog, Winston, living my yoga. 



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