Let's Move

:: spirit flow
:: vinyasa & hatha
:: restorative love


If there is one thing that the practice of yoga has taught me, it's that we are ever-evolving, ever-changing beings, hot-wired with the capacity to love bigger.

Working one-on-one or in small group sessions is an intense yet powerful way to initiate & sustain a lifelong practice of living.

Basically, we get clear on what your body, mind & heart needs most & work together to create a therapeutic practice plan tailored to you—each session is a combination of stillness, attention to breath & aligned movement, as well as a touch of magic.

Pricing depends on the length of practice-time ($75-$120 per session) we agree to (I prefer 75-90 minutes because we can really get to the heart of things), how many sessions we are willing to commit to, & how many participants will be joining in.

Let's Create

:: editing
:: project management

:: collaboration station


I'm certain I was born with a book in my hands & words glittering out of my finger-tips—not to mention a deep reverence for making lists & a joy of being highly organized.

If you're looking for someone to support & refine your words—or, you dream of making your own book to hold but aren't sure where to start 'cause the words are stuck somewhere between your heart & your brain—or, you just like my style & think we'd be a good match to create something together that will foster more love in our world, then you just might be in the right place.

Pricing is available on a per hour ($65-$90) or per project basis—whichever makes the most sense—especially when we take into consideration the depth of our imagination.

Let's Go Deeper

:: one-on-one mentoring
:: creative championing

:: heart remedies


This is a little more mysterious & might be reserved for wild ones, the mystically hearted & for those hoping to strengthen their roar.

I have all sorts of magic up my sleeve ready to share, so wherever you are in your he(art) or writing or life, we work together using a variety of practices & creative exercises to grow the trust of your own wisdom deeper.

Because each heart-beat is unique, we'll spend some time talking about what your dreams are & create a structure just-for-you that supports alltheparts of that brave heart of yours.

Pricing is determined on a heart-by-heart basis.



The ways in which we can work together are endless; if you have something in mind that isn't mentioned above, write me a note & we'll heart-storm together.

All opportunities are available in-human-form & by-virtual-magic, depending on where in the world you are. 

I am committed to making all of these opportunities financially accessible; if your heart says yes & your wallet says no, please take a leap of faith & reach out